ZAKU for Atari Lynx is now on pre-order

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ZAKU for Atari Lynx is now on pre-order

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posted by Mr. Sound-About on Sep 2, 2016:

Hello, all.

We @ Super Fighter Team published ZAKU, a zany horizontal shooter for the Atari Lynx, back in 2009. The game sold well and was warmly received and positively reviewed. It showed that the Lynx, despite being underrated and under appreciated, was still capable of some amazing things . . .

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Well based on continued demand we've decided to produce 400 additional copies of the game so that people who missed out the first time can secure a copy now.
If you're interested in experiencing a game that makes great use of all of the Lynx's unique hardware, and is just plain fun to play, check out our website ...

ZAKU for Atari Lynx @

And if you like what you see, consider placing a pre-order ...

Pre-order ZAKU for Atari Lynx @

Thanks for your attention & interest. Image

Have a nice day.