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Your best game trade / unbelievable deal stories here!

Posted: June 27th, 2019, 10:58 pm
by Archive
posted by Retroyan on Sep 4, 2013:

I got a CiB Famicom game!

The best deal I've ever gotten on a game is a Complete in Box copy of Tales of Phantasia, with the plastic bag-like sleeve for keeping the cart clean, the instruction booklet and the plastic insert that holds the cart and booklet. I would supply pictures, but my camera is broken at the moment. To my knowledge, Tales of Phantasia is the first in the series, was one of the first Super Famicom games to have voice acting, having a sound chip specifically built for the game itself and it's the first to have an opening song with lyrics. The game was never released here in the US, but it had a European release on the GBA. There is also a dedicated fan base for ToF, having made a full English translation.

I also spent 40 dollars for it.