ZSNES Netplay

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ZSNES Netplay

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posted by Cartr1dgeBased on Mar 1, 2014:

I used to frequent this forum quite a bit back when I collected retro gaming hardware, though have since sold it all away as it was taking up alot of room and the prices kept rising so I just tossed all the roms on my Wii and have been pretty satisfied with the results. This was one of the more mature gaming forums I could remember and am back to see if anybody would be interested in playing retro games via netplay like turtles in time, final fight, street fighter II, etc... it would be nice to have a little community going and I am suprised that netplay isn't more popular than it currently is do to how many great multiplayer games there were on the cartridge consoles.

We could use steamchat (my preference), teamspeak, ventrilo or mumble to talk as we game.

steam id: Cartr1dgeBased

Just give me a shout in steam or message me here and hopefully we can get a few of us going on this and have some retro online action going in no time.